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  • What Are the Forms of Renewable Sources Of Energy and Why We Ought To We Use Them?

    renewable energy in ClevelandOf all the available resources, non-renewable energy resources are the least abundant, and yet they are also the most widely used. In the last century, we have devastated the earth’s natural resources and put a tremendous strain on local and global economies. Environmental awareness has also been increasing, and this has led to deeper research into types of renewable energy. The use of renewable resources such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, and water, has been spreading.

    The sun is directly and indirectly responsible for four of our renewable energy options, but the most obvious is solar energy. Solar energy produces electricity from the sun and is used in business, industry, and the home. It can power our lights, heat our water, cool our homes, and produce the electricity we need to run our appliances and gadgets. While just about any area of the world can benefit from solar energy, it is most useful in those parts of the world with high sun exposure for the majority of the year.

    Wind energy, which comes from the sun’s heating effect on the air, can also be used for providing electricity. Energy from the wind is collected by wind turbines and then applied to agriculture, industry, and home uses. It is the reaction of sun and wind that causes water evaporation, which leads to precipitation of snow and rain. The water from rain and melting snow flows into our earth’s streams and rivers, where the energy can be turned into hydroelectric power.

    Another type of renewable energy is biomass. Energy from biomass comes from organic matter, which grows and develops from sun and water. The bioenergy we receive from biomass makes fuels, chemicals, and electricity we can use to survive and assist all life on earth. Bioenergy, or life energy, is a resource that continues to renew year after year.

    The sun is not involved with geothermal energy. Geothermal energy comes from the heat inside of the earth. Energy from beneath our feet will heat our water, keep our homes and other structures nice and cool, and produce electricity.

    Our earth is made up of seven continents, which are surrounded by oceans, which provide two important sources of energy. Tides and wind create waves. Tidal energy is renewable, and wave energy is consistently renewable with wind, water, and tides. That is not all there is! The difference in temperature of ocean water from the icy cold depths to the shallower, warmer water that has been heated by the sun is also a source of energy.

    The discovery of coal and oil as sources of energy helped to create the industrial and technical world we live in, but in order to continue to power a technologically-evolving earth, we must do further research into all different types of renewable energy. Oil and coal will not renew — at least not fast enough to keep up with a growing world that depends on electric power. Of all the choices we have, we continue to use non-renewable fuels that poison our water and pollute our air. We strip our forests fast and fail to plant with equal vigor. Renewable energy is our hope for the future of the planet.

    Renewable energy can provide job security and put money back into local economies. This is because careers in renewable energy are built around maintaining an endless resource, rather than producing from energies that will run out. Money spent on renewable energy sources and investments in earth-friendly energy puts money into the local economy. Rather than boosting the economies of people across the world, we can lend a hand to our local economies.

    Oil and coal will not last forever and if we continue to use those non-renewing resources, we will hit rock bottom one day, and that will mean we have caused irreparable damage to our world. If we are going to leave a sustainable and beautiful inheritance to the children of our children, we have to get serious about making renewable energy our only energy resource.

    At everyone is dedicated to eco-friendly efforts such as recycling and sustainable energy wherever possible.


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